Can You Use a Cracked Bowling Ball? – Revealed Like Never Before!

At bowling alleys I am often asked by beginners, “Can I Use a Cracked Bowling Ball?”

Well, being a bowling expert I would say: using a deep cracked bowling ball is a big no-no. But, if it is the mild crack you can repair it and it doesn’t affect the game intensely.

Can You Use a Cracked Bowling Ball?

Don’t worry though, there are 2 better alternatives to using a cracked ball that can keep you knocking down those pins in style.

So put that cracked ball aside and let’s explore your options!

Key Takeaways

– Cracks in bowling balls can negatively impact balance, weight distribution, and overall ball reaction.

– Using a cracked bowling ball can lead to unpredictable and inaccurate rolls, compromising performance.

– Cracked bowling balls pose safety concerns, including the risk of breaking apart during gameplay and causing accidents.

– Alternatives to using a cracked bowling ball include retiring or repairing it, investing in a new ball, exploring the used ball market, and seeking professional advice for repair or replacement options.

Negative Impact of Cracks on Bowling Balls

Using a cracked bowling ball can have a negative impact on your game. 

Cracks can affect the balance and weight distribution of the ball, causing it to roll unpredictably.

Additionally, there’s a safety concern as cracks can lead to the ball breaking during use, potentially causing injury to the bowler or others nearby.

Why Cracked Bowling Balls Are Not Good For Bowling?

When using a cracked bowling ball, you risk compromising your performance due to the negative impact of the cracks on the ball’s core, coverstock, and overall weight distribution.

Cracks in the ball can make it unpredictable and inaccurate, leading to a potential loss of performance. The reduced hook potential, accuracy, and overall ball reaction can make it difficult to achieve the desired results on the lane.

Moreover, cracks can worsen over time, causing further damage to the ball or even the lane itself. 

It’s also important to note that cracked bowling balls may not be allowed in some bowling leagues or tournaments due to safety concerns.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your bowling ball is in good condition to maximize your performance and prevent any unnecessary risks.

Potential Safety Concerns

To ensure the safety of yourself and others, it’s crucial to avoid using a cracked bowling ball, as it can pose potential risks and hazards during gameplay

Cracked bowling balls could lead to serious injuries. Imagine the shards of a cracked ball flying in unpredictable directions, potentially hitting you or other players nearby.

Additionally, these cracks can make the ball more likely to roll off the lane, causing damage to the bowling equipment or even causing someone to trip and fall. 

It’s always better to play it safe and use an intact bowling ball to prevent any unnecessary harm.

2 Better Alternatives to Using a Cracked Bowling Ball

If you discover a crack in your bowling ball, it’s time to consider alternatives to using it. 

To maintain optimal performance, it’s best to retire or replace the cracked ball

You can invest in a new ball that suits your bowling style or explore the used ball market for more affordable options.

1. Fix or Replace a Cracked Bowling Ball To Maintain Optimal Performance

Using a cracked bowling ball can lead to unpredictable ball motion, and decreased hook potential.

Your cracked bowling ball’s performance will be compromised, so it’s time to fix or replace it for optimal performance.


Seeking professional advice or contacting the ball manufacturer is recommended to explore repair or replacement options. However, it’s important to note that not all cracks can be repaired, and even if they can, the performance of the ball may still be affected.

Yet, replacing the ball will ensure that you maintain consistency in your game and prevent any potential injuries. 


Can You Use a Cracked Bowling Ball?

With advancements in technology, new bowling balls are designed to provide better grip, control, and overall performance. By purchasing a new ball, you can take advantage of these benefits and improve your game.

2. Explore Used Ball Markets

When looking for alternatives to using a cracked bowling ball, consider exploring the used ball market. 

Exploring the used ball market can be a cost-effective option

Many bowlers sell their gently used balls at a lower price, allowing you to get a quality ball at a discounted rate. 

Just make sure to thoroughly inspect any used ball for cracks or defects before making a purchase.

Whether you choose to invest in a new ball or explore the used market, both options are better alternatives to using a cracked bowling ball.

What Are Other Bowling Experts Saying about Cracked Bowling Ball?

On forums, pro bowlers are answering to this question, “Can You Use a Cracked Bowling Ball?” like this:

(I have concluded all important points for you.)

Using a cracked ball can cause it to break apart, affecting the lane conditions and other bowlers. Avoid using a cracked ball that leaves debris.

Impact of crack location: Assess the crack’s location to determine its potential impact on the ball’s functionality.

Potential damage to the ball: Continued use of a cracked ball can worsen the crack and decrease its lifespan. Safety concerns:

Using a cracked ball can pose safety risks, so prioritize safety and avoid using a ball with visible cracks. Regular inspection and maintenance are important for identifying and addressing safety hazards.

Can a Cracked Bowling Ball Still Be Used for Recreational Purposes?

Yes, you can still use a cracked bowling ball for recreational purposes. However, be cautious as it may affect your performance and could potentially worsen the crack, leading to further damage.

Are There Any Safety Risks Associated With Using a Cracked Bowling Ball?

Yes, there are safety risks when using a cracked bowling ball. It can shatter during use, causing injury to yourself or others. It’s best to replace it with a new one.

Can a Cracked Bowling Ball Cause Damage to the Bowling Lane?

Using a cracked bowling ball can cause damage to the bowling lane. The cracks can create scratches or gouges on the surface, affecting the ball’s trajectory and potentially impacting other players’ games.

Is It Possible to Repair a Cracked Bowling Ball?

Repairing a mild cracked bowling ball is possible, but not deep cracks. Using a cracked ball can cause damage to the lane and compromise your game. It’s best to replace the ball instead.

Are There Any Rules or Regulations Regarding the Use of Cracked Bowling Balls in Official Tournaments or Leagues?

Yes, you can use a cracked bowling ball in some leagues or tournaments, but it is important to check the rules and regulations beforehand as certain organizations may have restrictions or requirements.

Closing Thoughts: Can You Use a Cracked Bowling Ball?

I state my point again: using a cracked bowling ball isn’t recommended as it can have negative impacts on your game performance and may cause further damage to the ball.

Instead, it’s advisable to explore alternatives such as repairing the crack or investing in a new bowling ball.

For example, imagine trying to play basketball with a deflated ball – it would hinder your performance and potentially lead to injury.

Similarly, using a cracked bowling ball would only hinder your chances of achieving a successful game.

Happy Bowling!

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